Voter registration fraud in California?

Just the facts.
The answer is no. Here is why.
(Google voter registration laws in California.)

Basically ,if you can obtain a driver’s license you can be automatically registered to vote in the state of California.

If an individual omits to make a choice between opting in registration or opting out of registration on their driver license application they will automatically be included in.

Thus ,they will be eligible to vote

Secondly, California recently overturned the requirement to verify registration with voter signatures. ( Illegal aliens can in practice, legally vote)

Additionally, provisional votes do not need to be signature verified
Online voting is permitted up until the day of the election
Absentee balloting is encouraged this is a one-time lifetime opt-in.

These new provisions were all forwarded and approved by Democrat  politicians. ( Of course)

California has 53 electoral votes the most in the Union and 11% of the total

California has 22% of the illegal aliens approximately 2.3 million

Over 800,000 illegal aliens obtained driver licenses within the last 2 years. In Cal.

Essentially taxpayers are funding the right of illegal aliens to vote.

It is estimated that there are over 11 million illegal aliens in the United States.

Four states that have the most illegal aliens are California, Texas, New York and Florida.
80%of  immigrants register as Democrats.

Since 125 million voters voted in the last presidential election, this has a potentially  large impact on the outcome.

If most illegal aliens can vote in practice and 80% of them vote democratic that is a 7% advantage, enough to swing any election.

This makes Trump’s election all the more stunning.

Is it any wonder which party is for open borders?

For u.s. born from u.s. citizen parents there is a 50 percent chance ,within the margin of error, that you will be either a Democrat or a Republican.

Is it any wonder which party is adamantly in favor of birth control and which is  pro-life?